An in-depth interview with Pitr Strait about the whys and hows of Torn Out's Hamlet.


"We're all different, we don't all look like normally pretty, or normally good looking, we don't all have six-packs. We're normal people. I want someone in the audience to see themselves, I don't want them to feel alone."

NY Daily News

Compared to the enormity of the role of Hamlet, “being nude on stage is small potatoes,” actor Jake Austin Robertson told The News. “Nonetheless, I’d be lying if I said I’m not nervous. Upon being offered the part, I was cautious about the role of nudity, or let’s say nakedness, which I think holds deeper significance, in the play.”

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The Tempest


"And then the show does what good theater always does: it makes you forget."


"The directors, Pitr Strait and Alice Mottola, deserve praise for both concept and execution."


"...brave and beautiful..."

NY Daily News

Look past the clickbaity headline — this video is a lovely profile of our actor, Miranda McCauley, and her experience at one of the performances of The Tempest.

"...seamlessly [creates] the effect that the audience too is careening around an island."

"...an artful mix of nudity, nature, freedom and artistic expressionism—so much so that the mere fact that the actors were nude faded into the background after a few minutes."

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A short interview about the whats and whys of our production of The Tempest.