Can’t make it to catharsisfest?

You can still get your rage on with us!

Catharsis Kit

Catharsis Kits

If you live in NYC but can’t make it on May 30, we’ll hand-deliver a Catharsis Kit to you! Featuring herbal lollipops, chocolates, seed bombs, fire ritual, stress ball, a pillowcase (so you know which one is your screaming pillow) and more. Click here and select “Catharsis Kit” as your ticket option.

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The Ultimate Catharsis

Not in New York but still fancy yourself a catharsis muse? Prove it! Send us your ultimate catharsis scenario and we will act it out, on the NY stage, in front of a full audience at Catharsis Fest. You'll get souvenirs - photos, video clips, social media tags, and more! - from your moment of glory for the fruits of your brain, heart, and soul. And you'll forever be our muse. Click here and select “The Ultimate Catharsis” as your ticket option.